Filament Winding

Lightweight is our passion!

AVANCO Composites is a leading company in the field of development, production, processing and refining of lightweight products made out of fiber reinforced plastics based on carbon, glass and other fiber materials. More than 40 years of experience in the field of lightweight solutions in aluminum and carbon fiber plastics qualifies today AVANCO Composites to deal with nearly every market where weight, stiffness, strength, thermal stability, outgassing and quality determine the performance of our customer’s products or projects.

We are experts in fiber materials

An outstanding high vertical integration, the quality awareness of every employee and the extraordinary agility in the development of new, sustainable and challenging products enables the market leadership of AVANCO Composites in a broad variety of different applications and segments. Decades of knowledge in the calculation, simulation, production and processing of fiber reinforced plastics and lightweight metal structures as well as the understanding of joining, pre- and post-processing these materials are the beneficial key factors to provide the best solution in the fastest time for demanding customer products or projects.

Specialists in thermoplastic composites

INOMETA is a technological leader for the development, production and finishing of technical lightweight design products made of aluminum and fiber composites such as CFRP and GRP. We are specialized in high-end and innovative lightweight design solutions, as well as the development and production of functional surfaces.

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Specialists in the filament winding production field

DYNEXA is a light-weight construction specialist with a unique expertise in the development and production of customized carbon fiber and fiberglass composite components.

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Specialists in continuous compression moulding

XELIS is a leading global partner for the development and production of high-precision thermoplastics solutions. Here, we have focused our expertise on the production and development of thermoplastic products made of fiber-reinforced composite materials (CFRP) (GFRP). A key area is the series production of thermoplastic composite laminates and profiles with the in-house developed Continuous Compression Molding (X-CCM®) process.

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