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Innovations are needed to achieve the goals of the construction industry.

The construction sector is currently characterized by a high proportion of steel, concrete and glazing. However, in order to meet the climate commitment and the goal of a carbon neutral economy by 2050, climate-friendly and sustainable constructions are required by the society. This includes reduced CO2 emissions, resource management and the quest for a closed-cycle industry. Recently rising prices for energy, established construction materials and required CO2 certificates place fiber-reinforced plastics on the negotiating table as new solutions for the production of environmentally responsible and competitive products.

The solution: Fiber-reinforced plastics

Fiber-reinforced plastics are known for their high strength and stiffness with low inherent weight, as well as for a good damping capacity and resistance to fatigue. Other advantageous properties that qualify and predestine them for use in civil engineering are low thermal conductivity, UV stability and chemical resistance, including corrosion and freeze-thaw resistance, which in turn leads to lower maintenance and repair requirements and so to greater long-term durability. Due to the outlined characteristics, they offer an enormous application potential for the challenges in the construction sector as well as completely new innovations due to their design freedom and technological possibilities. These materials enable a reduction in weight, thus increasing span widths and building structures that are thinner and taller. Additionally, lightweight construction by means of fiber-reinforced plastics provides flexibility, maximization of usable space and rapid construction progress, for example, by allowing large components to be pre-assembled away from the construction zone and lifted afterwards into place by crane. Furthermore, in form of inlays, fiber-reinforced plastics can help to reduce large quantities of concrete, as the minimum thicknesses to be maintained to prevent moisture penetration can be significantly decreased due to the non-corrosive nature of the material class. Thereby, the fiber orientation and the laminate structure can be individually adjusted according to the specific stresses. In this way, increases in tensile, compressive and flexural strength can be supplied and, for example, structural core materials such as foams can be reinforced and enclosed against moisture for long-term durability. Other efficient applications include structural profiles, shafts, railings, covers and design elements for facades, whereby the variety of applications continues to grow.

We offer: Years of experience and high expertise in numerous industries.

While fiber reinforced plastics are firmly established and highly successful in the automotive and aerospace sectors as well as in mechanical and industrial engineering, their use in civil engineering has not yet been widely adopted. The lack of practical methods and the deviation in the development of fiber-reinforced components from the usual processes in the construction industry confronts civil engineers, builders and planners with unfamiliar and difficult tasks. Especially for these tasks we, AVANCO Composites, would like to support. Based on our many years of experience in the production and handling of fiber-reinforced semi-finished products and components from a wide range of industries, we are available to advise in realizing constructive solutions that are suitable for the material and adjusted to the requirements of the construction industry. We are specialized in rotationally symmetrical tubular parts and complex profile structures. We have an enormous know-how extending from dimensioning and manufacturing to post-processing including possible surface finishes, e.g. to protect against moisture absorption or fading due to UV radiation. We also provide a broad portfolio of solutions for joining technologies, enabling us to implement individual concepts for our customers. Moreover, we face the challenges of approval procedures by construction regularities, while taking benefit of our experience in the aerospace certification process. Along with this, we offer customized options for monitoring the manufacture of the products with our internal quality assurance system to ensure compliance of the qualities.


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