Reduction of operating costs


Laminate produced in meters per hour


Thermoplastic composite components instead of metal or plastic

In the medical sector requirements for biological compatibility, sterilizability, or long-term durability without migration effects of inherent substances exclude the usage of many common metal and plastic materials as well as well-known lightweight structures. To fulfill these special requirements thermoplastic composite components are very beneficial. By using biological compatible and inert thermoplastics we are able to support the medical sector with beneficial products from the pre-development up to the serial mass production under specific and certified requirements. The possibility of post processing the products by warming and re-forming opens up the customization to every application or patient.

Advantage: X-ray transparency

An example for further properties is the x-ray transparency as a special advantage of carbon and glass fiber-reinforced products. This characteristic makes them highly attractive for the utilization in the surgical field, for example, as a retractor.

Partner for high-perfomance medical products

AVANCO Composites is one of the globally leading manufacturers of thermoplastic composite products, and also possesses the according exceptional material expertise. Our extensive know-how is also demonstrated in the medical sector, and through the processing of certified materials for medical high-performance products.


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