Weight reduction of CFRP compared to steel


Drive shafts produced per year in thousands


Lightweight construction – Trends in the field

In addition to passenger cars, the vehicle technology sector also includes commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and construction machinery.


The entire industry is currently undergoing enormous change and progress, especially in the field of electro mobility. Electric vehicles (EV) do not use conventional internal combustion engines (ICE) – that opens the opportunity for completely new vehicle concepts. The elimination of the ICE has the power to change the entire car body structure, to think different and to find creative and beneficial solutions. There is no longer any need to consider the resonances of the combustion engine. In some cases, this opens up completely new possibilities in lightweight design: The industry is able to significantly lighten an instrument panel support by utilizing fiber composites without the need of the previous need of the absorption mass of a steel structure to avoid resonances from the ICE.

New opportunities are also emerging in the “drivetrain”. Increasing the electric motor’s efficiency is the goal to extend ranges. A highly rigid CFRP retaining sleeve prevents the expansion of the rotor by centripetal forces or/and thermal extension during the use. With this design clue the air gap between rotor and stator narrows down to a minimum. Friction and especially electromagnetic losses decrease to a minimum.

With its many years of composite expertise, also in the area of automotive serial production, AVANCO Composite is the right partner for the development and industrialization of CFRP retaining sleeves, rotor cans and other load-distribution structures in the car body design. We deliver sustainable and creative solutions for your application.

Battery casings

Battery compartments and here especially the containment where the actual battery stacks are stored is a very delicate and sensitive area of EV. Short circuits caused by impacts have the emerging risk to set the complete battery stack and with this the complete EV in fire. To prevent this disturbing scenario the impact resistance and the prevention of any larger intrusion is unavoidable. This is a conflict of goals. The entire car body structure has to be as light as possible to reduce inertial forces that decrease the usable range of the EV. The solution to solve this conflict of goals is the use of thermoplastic profiles as a highly rigid and extremely lightweight as well as sustainable and recyclable solution. Thermoplastic profiles have the inherent advantage to be used in injection molding processes and/or to be thermo-formed even after the primary manufacturing process. Furthermore the high degree of freedom in the choice of thermoplastic matrices enable the designer to combine these profiles based on the same injection molding material to combine these structures in the most beneficial manner. The AVANCO Composites is your full service provider. We deliver with our broad network beside the reinforcement material also the capability to support your project or application with strong partners in the injection molding for the serial production of battery containments.

Truck, bus and cargo applications

In many cases of electric truck and bus applications it is unavoidable to localize the electric motor in a certain distance to the driven axle. In order to reduce unbeneficial moments of inertia and to be capable to withstand the remarkable higher torque of those motors the use of driveshafts made out of carbon fiber reinforced materials is the key to success. By the filament winding technology the AVANCO Composites is capable to deliver highly sophisticated driveshafts up to several thousand ft-lbs of torque. With decades of experience in this field of application we are delivering just in sequence under certified conditions. To reduce the curb weight and/or to increase the payload we are furthermore able to manufacture big scaled closed and/or open profiles. This empowers the designer for truck, bus and cargo applications to significantly reduce masses eliminate corrosion and enlarge life time of these kind of structures by the advantages of the low fatigue material properties.


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