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Challenges for the oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industry there is a variety of applications that benefit from the properties of carbon and glass fiber reinforced plastics.

In the oil and gas extraction sector the use of metal parts is still the industrial standard. Many challenges such as high pressures and temperatures, highly aggressive media, as well as highest levels of tensile stress and, for the deployment process, also compression loads are demanding for fiber reinforced products. Despite these continuously applied stresses, our products can prevail in the downhole application even in safety-relevant applications. Our durable composite solutions are thereby highly suitable for the offshore as well as the onshore oil and gas exploration.

Composite technology for series manufacturing and speciality products

Depending on these applications, it can be the material’s lightweight benefits, outstanding mechanical properties, superior thermal and chemical stability and especially its drillability characteristics that gains high advantages compared to metal parts. Beside the easy drillability the composite debris is flushed out by the used liquids in the drilling process. With fiber reinforced products you prevent the downtime caused by a necessary cleanout. Nevertheless the highest wear resistances due to the Composite Coating process on the inside and outside make these products withstand even the rough conditions of downhole applications. Furthermore the adhesion in the interface of cement and fiber reinforced products can be increased to outstanding levels by our dedicated cement primer.


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