Lighter than steel


Lower payload compared to steel


Higher, faster and more precise

Robotic applications are characterized by fast movements and high g-forces caused by the inertia of the high movable masses and not least the robotic structures itself. The limitation in movement speeds, accelerations or payload is caused by the strength and rigidity of robotic structures. Even the energy efficiency and positioning precision in automation processes is influenced by the structural dynamics and thermal expansion of the used rods and booms of today’s robots.

Fiber-reinforced tubes and profiles

Lightweight structures are the enabler for highly dynamic movement for robotic applications. The use of fiber reinforced tubes and profiles significantly increase the productivity by shorten cycle times, raise payloads and improve the positioning precision. Furthermore fiber reinforced structures are able to outperform metal based designs in the perspective of thermal expansion and stability, strength, deflection, high-cycle fatigue properties and weight.

From lightweight prototype to series production

Innovative solutions from AVANCO Composites contributes beside the outstanding material properties by the variety of possible production processes that suits to customer’s applications and the decades of knowledge in the highly precise processing of those structures to our customer’s needs. With our innovative approaches and lightweight design solutions for the robotics and automation industry, we are able to significantly contribute to an increased efficiency and productivity for our customer’s applications. We provide solutions for your ideas – from prototyping up to high volume injection molding designs.


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